Domestic Violence Conviction for MMA Fighter
Domestic Violence Conviction for MMA Fighter
A Las Vegas jury convicted a mixed martial arts fighter of domestic violence and a host of other felony charges. War Machine fled Las Vegas in 2014 to avoid prosecution. He changed his legal name from Jonathan Koppenhaver, but has not fought professionally since 2013.

Simi Valley Police arrested the man and returned him to Nevada to face charges. The jury convicted him on 29 of 24 charges. They could not reach a verdict on the most serious charge – attempted murder. Prosecutors in Las Vegas say that War Machine beat and sexually assaulted his former girlfriend on several occasions. He also assaulted the woman’s companion, whom she had been dating for a couple of months.

The female victim in the case suffered a broken nose, facial injuries, injuries to her leg and a lacerated liver. She also testified that the defendant threatened her with a knife. She escaped to a neighbor’s house during the assault. The male victim testified that he suffered a broken nose, a dislocated shoulder, bite marks and bruising.

The defendant’s attorney attributed Koppenhaver’s violent behavior to brain injuries suffered during MMA fights, his significant steroid abuse and potentially improper use of prescription stimulants and anti-depressants. Koppenhaver could be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole when he returns to court in June.

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Murder Suspect Pleads No Contest
Murder Suspect Pleads No Contest
A man already serving a life sentence in a California prison pleaded no contest to a 1985 Oxnard murder. Vincent Mackey, 54, was preparing for a trial involving the murder of Isabel Hernandez in 1985. Instead of proceeding to trial, he offered a no-contest plea in the case. According to prosecutors, DNA evidence collected at the time of the attack implicated Mackey.

Mackey broke into the apartment where Hernandez lived, raped her and stabbed her to death. The police could not identify a suspect, but they collected and preserved evidence from the scene. The Oxnard Police Department reactivated the investigation into Hernandez’ death in 2013, and tested the crime scene evidence.

In 2014, a computerized check of known felons produced a match between Mackey and the Oxnard crime scene. In 1987, a jury convicted Mackey of the murder of James Sprigg, Mackey’s employer. Mackey killed Sprigg less than a year after he murdered Hernandez. He received a life sentence with no possibility of parole in that case.

Because the prosecutor opted not to seek the death penalty, Mackey will receive another life sentence in the case. Mackey’s sentencing is set for April 20.

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Bystander nabs Oxnard sex crimes suspect
Bystander nabs Oxnard sex crimes suspect
An Oxnard resident heard a woman crying for help last week and saw a suspect fleeing the area. He then followed the man until Oxnard police arrived. They detained the suspect on suspicion of sex crimes including sexual battery on a woman.

According to police, the victim said a man attacked her as she was walking down the street around 1:40 PM. He restrained her and assaulted her. She broke away from the suspect and ran away. Following the arest, the victim positively identified the suspect, whom police later identified as Luis Borunda, 25.

They arrested Borunda and charged him with felony sexual battery. Ventura County Jail records show that he left the jail on February 26, and is due back in court on March 13.

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