Thousand Oaks police arrest man for sex crimes
Thousand Oaks police arrest man for sex crimes
Thousand Oaks police arrested an Oak Park parolee last month for sex crimes, including possession of child pornography, annoying or molesting a minor, and sending sexually abusive materials to a minor.

According to police, Matthew Myers posed as a 17-year-old boy, and contacted a 15-year-old girl via the social media site Facebook. After conversing with the girl, he asked her for sexually explicit photos. He is also accused of contacting a 16-year-old boy and sending him sexually explicit photographs.

Myers is on parole for previous sexual assaults, and is monitored electronically. In September 2015, Thousand Oaks police, working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, developed information that Myers was engaging in behavior prohibited by the terms of his parole. They seized evidence from Myers’ computer that revealed his contact with at least a dozen minors.

Myers was arrested in Pasadena, and was held on a $1 million bail. Since he has committed a parole violation, he is not currently eligible for release on bail.

Oak Park sex crimes lawyer

Convictions for sex crimes have consequences that will last long after you’ve been released from supervision. Registered sex offenders may find it difficult – if not impossible to find work and housing. A growing number of restrictions work against you, effectively eliminating your opportunity to re-enter society successfully.

Lifetime enrollment on the state’s sex offender registry – which is required following most convictions – works to exclude convicted sex offenders from most meaningful activities. Moving doesn’t help. Your California sex offender status will follow you wherever you go.

If you’re facing sex crimes charges, you need the immediate assistance of an aggressive, experienced sex crimes lawyer like Robert Helfend. Mr. Helfend takes the tough sex crimes cases that most criminal defense attorneys shy away from, and he will fight aggressively for your future in court.

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Insider trading, securities fraud arrests
Insider trading, securities fraud arrests
Two Ventura County men were charged late last fall with securities fraud and conspiracy to commit securities fraud for their roles in an insider trading investment scam that netted the conspirators more than $3M.

Between 2010 and 2013, Steven Fishoff of Westlake Village and Ronald Chernin of Oak Park, along with 2 other men from New Jersey and Florida, used inside information that they had been given in their roles as investment bankers, to execute transactions through trading entities that they secretly controlled.

Ventura County securities fraud attorney

Most investments are governed by the Securities Exchange Commission, and people usually need to be licensed in order to buy and sell securities on behalf of others. The federal government takes securities crimes seriously, so when you’re arrested on securities-related charges, you should take your situation seriously, too. Fraud charges usually arise when a person makes a bad investment or investment decision because someone else knowingly provided bad information about an investment, or about themselves and their ability to invest money on behalf of others.

When you’ve been accused of fraud involving securities, hiring a competent, experienced securities fraud attorney is your best defense strategy . Robert Helfend specializes exclusively in criminal defense in Ventura County and throughout Southern California. He takes cases in both state and federal court, and will work for federal defendants in any federal district court in the nation.

An arrest does not alter your Constitutional rights, but you need an experienced securities fraud attorney to ensure that your rights are respected. Hiring a skilled criminal defense attorney is the best way to ensure that you preserve your rights throughout the judicial process. Federal prosecutors don’t “go away,” so don’t wait to hire a competent federal defense attorney, and don’t attempt to defend yourself.

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