Securities fraud arrest for UT man
Securities fraud arrest for UT man
Federal authorities arrested a Utah man in connection with a $65 million securities fraud scam. The scheme targeted investors in western states including Utah and California. The man faces charges of conspiracy, misrepresentations in the sale of investment opportunities. He also faces charges of theft from an elder and employing an artifice or scheme to defraud.

The man, who owned an investment firm known as Total Wealth Management, engaged in the sale of securities without proper licensure. He worked with at least two other individuals, including a California man. The US Securities and Exchange Commission sued the man in 2015, in an attempt to disrupt the scheme.

Investigators say that the man used client funds to pay SEC fines and legal fees. He also misappropriated client funds by disguising the fraud as administrative fees. Further, investigators found that the man accepted kickbacks from investments. They also discovered that many of the firm’s preferred investment vehicles were either bankrupt or close to it. In addition, the man had direct or indirect connections to many of the preferred investments.

The man regularly solicited new investors through a weekly radio program that focused on investments. In addition, investigators found that he regularly promised unprecedented returns on investments, or claimed to have made substantial gains, even during economic low periods.

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Securities Fraud Charge for Software Exec
Securities Fraud Charge for Software Exec
Late last year, federal authorities charged Christopher Salis, 39, of San Mateo with securities fraud and money laundering. According to prosecutors, Salis, who was a global vice president at software giant SAP, disclosed inside information about the company’s planned acquisition of Concur Technologies, a Washington-state based travel management software firm to Douglas Miller, a former Purdue University classmate.

Miller and his brother, Edward Miller, ran a car wash operation that was in financial difficulty. The Miller brothers purchased shares in Concur, based on Salis’ information. The brothers also shared the privileged information with their parents and other acquaintances. Investigators say that the privileged information resulted in profits of more than $500,000 to investors connected to Salis and/or the Miller brothers. Once the Miller brothers sold their shares, they paid a portion of their profits on the sale back to Salis.

According to prosecutors, the brothers made about $270,000 in profits from their investment in the travel company, and paid Salis about $90,000 in cash, which they transported to California on a commercial flight. Other investors made about $240,000 in profits. All three men were charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud, conspiracy to commit securities fraud, money laundering and structuring transactions to avoid reporting requirements. Prosecutors also allege that Salis and the Miller brothers had previously engaged in an insider-trading scheme that arose from Salis’ employment at Business Objects, a company that was acquired by SAP in 2007.

Salis is also charged with four counts of wire fraud and five additional counts of securities fraud. Douglas Miller is also charged with six counts of wire fraud, five counts of securities fraud and one count of lying to investigators. Edward Miller is charged with one count of wire fraud, one count of securities fraud, one count of obstruction of justice and one count of harassing a witness.

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