DUI Suspect Arrested After Crashing House
DUI Suspect Arrested After Crashing House
Police in Oxnard arrested a DUI suspect after he crashed his car into a home. The collision injured an 8-year-old girl and collapsed her bedroom.

The crash occurred at 3:08 AM. Police responded to the scene and arrested the driver on suspicion of drunk driving. The suspect attempted to leave the scene before police arrived, but a neighbor held the man at the accident site. The girl suffered minor injuries in the accident. Two other children were sleeping in the room at the time of the collision, but received no injuries.

Oxnard DUI lawyer

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An intoxicated driving charge is serious because a conviction can significantly impact your life. Although prosecutors charge most drunk driving suspects with misdemeanors, under the right circumstances, you could face one or more felony counts.

In addition to working through the criminal process, drivers accused of drunk driving will also face a DMV process. Administrative sanctions include an automatic suspension of your driver’s license. They differ from those that can be applied in a criminal court.

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Photo Credit: Todd Dwyer, via FreeImages.com. The image shown does not reflect the accident described in this post.

Grand theft arrest in Oxnard
Grand theft arrest in Oxnard
Four Oxnard teens were arrested and charged with grand theft and conspiracy to commit grand theft. One of the teens was also charged with possession of a loaded firearm. Another of the group was charged with hit and run.

Oxnard residents Bryan Penny, Jermiah Carr and Kevin Hlyt, all 18 years of age and a juvenile female were arrested following a traffic stop near the Macy’s store on South Mills Road. Macy’s store personnel called the Ventura Police Department to report the loss of a large amount of clothing. The juvenile, who was driving the suspects’ vehicle, hit two parked cars as they left the store parking lot. A Ventura police officer located and stopped the car. Officers located the stolen merchandise in the vehicle. One of the suspects also had a small caliber handgun hidden in his shoe. The three males were booked into the Ventura County Jail. The female was released to the custody of her parents.

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Penalties depend upon the facts of a case. The dollar value of the loss plays an important role in how an accusation of theft is charges. Other factors include other crimes that may have been committed at the same time. Navigating California’s criminal code is complex; that’s why you need an experienced grand theft attorney like Robert Helfend.

Felony convictions in California are always dangerous because they can put you in danger of accumulating “strikes” under California’s onerous Three Strikes Law. Each conviction can move you closer to lifetime incarceration – a tragic consequence of this well-meaning but misguided law.

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