Medical Marijuana Theft Among Ventura Drug Crimes
Medical Marijuana Theft Among Ventura Drug Crimes
Earlier this month, Ventura Police arrested four men accused of drug crimes involving the theft of medical marijuana. Police arrested Nicholas Jones, 19,of Moorpark and Deondre Vines, 18, Treyvon Williams, 19, Malikk Williams, 18, all of Oxnard in connection with a strong-arm robbery of a medical marijuana delivery person.

Police believe that the men lured the delivery person to Ventura by posing as a medical marijuana patient, then robbed him. Police later spotted the suspects’ car and arrested the four men. The stolen marijuana and personal property belonging to the victim were found inside the suspects’ vehicle. According to police, a similar crime occurred in May.

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Oxnard man faces charges for murder, drug crimes
Guillermo Teran, 23, of Oxnard and Tomas Ramos Ochoa, 34, of Los Angeles are facing murder and attempted murder charges following what appears to have been a drug deal gone bad. Teran, who has a criminal history that includes convictions for drug crimes, is alleged to have fired the shots that killed Christian Barrera-Rivera, 23 and Sony Pena, 28.

According to police reports, Barrera-Rivera and Pena arranged to meet the defendants in Woodland Hills to conduct a drug-related transaction. Shortly after their arrival, the pair was fired upon by Teran and Ochoa. Barrera-Rivera and Pena fled the scene in their vehicle, but following a chase, Teran and Ochoa again confronted the victims in Tarzana, where the fatal shootings occurred. Pena was declared dead at the scene, and Barrera-Rivera died later at a local hospital.

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Teran was convicted of drug crimes in federal court in 2012. In addition to the multiple murder charges, both men also face charges of murder during the commission of a robbery and murder by means of discharging a firearm.

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Robbery arrest for Ventura woman
Robbery arrest for Ventura woman
A Ventura woman was arrested on suspicion of robbery, after allegedly accosting a man in a wheelchair outside of a Chase Bank branch on Telegraph Road.

Robbery suspect detained by citizens

Police were called to the bank after receiving reports of a person causing a disturbance outside of the bank. Callers reported that a woman was yelling at bank customers and pedestrians, and banging on the bank’s windows. When they arrived, they discovered 52-year-old Tatiana Winiarz. She reportedly assaulted the man in the wheelchair, and snatched a bag from his lap, which contained the man’s money and medication. After assaulting the man in the wheelchair, Winiarz was detained by citizens in the area until police arrived. The man’s property was returned at the scene, and he was not injured in the incident. Police took Winiarz into custody.

Winiarz has a significant arrest history primarily in Ventura and Oxnard for public intoxication, spousal abuse, battery on a police officer, interfering with business customers and trespassing.

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Robbery suspect former USC player
Robbery suspect former USC player
A former USC football player has been arrested in connection with a string of robberies in Ventura County and Los Angeles County. USC student Bryce Dixon, 19, was first developed as a robbery suspect, after being arrested with Trey Lealaimatafao, 19, a former Louisiana State University football player. Both men had been dismissed from their respective teams for misconduct. The men are suspected of at least nine robberies, and were arrested near USC’s campus following a robbery in Los Angeles County. Police discovered evidence in the suspects’ vehicle tying them to the robberies.

Robbery spree spanned Ventura, Los Angeles Counties

Dixon and Lealaimatafao are suspected of robbery in at least four incidents in Ventura County, including Oxnard and Ventura, as well as unincorporated areas of the county. The pair is also suspected of robbery, carjacking, attempted carjacking and assault with a deadly weapon in separate incidents in Los Angeles County. Dixon was barred from the USC football team in 2014 and expelled from the University after being accused of sexual assault in 2014. He was reinstated to the University but was not allowed to return to the football team. Lealaimatafao was dismissed from the LSU football team for an alleged battery and robbery incident in 2015, and separate misconduct incidents dating back to 2014.

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Ventura burglary suspect arrested
Ventura burglary suspect arrested
A 29 year-old Ventura man was arrested on suspicion of commercial burglary after a record store was burglarized on Christmas Day. Ventura police responded to an alarm at Salzer’s Records on Valentine Road in Ventura on Friday morning. Initially, there were no signs of a disturbance, so police thought it was a false alarm. When employees returned to work on Saturday, they discovered the burglary and called police to the scene again.

Employees gave description of burglary suspect

Inside the store, employees discovered that a number of display cases had been damaged and several items had been taken in the burglary. Using surveillance footage from the store’s security system, employees were able to give a description of the burglary suspect. Later that morning, Ventura police located Torin Davey of Ventura in a nearby fast-food restaurant. Davey had some of the missing items from the burglary in his possession at the time of his arrest.

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Ventura Violent Crimes Rising
Ventura Violent Crimes Rising
The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office says that incidents of violent crimeswere up 30% in the first six months of 2015. In comparison, property crimes were up just 6%. According to officials, violent crimes in Camarillo, Ojai and Fillmore all rose, while Moorpark’s violent crimes rate was unchanged, and violent crimes in Thousand Oaks declined.

Violent crimes account for most of Ventura’s crime increase

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office blamed the rise in property crimes on gangs from outside of Ventura County coming into the area and committing residential burglaries. The VCSO also said that commercial burglaries had risen in Camarillo, Fillmore and Moorpark. The incidence of property crimes in Thousand Oaks rose, noting that both petty theft and grand theft, including the number of stolen vehicles, had risen in that area.
While the Uniform Crime Statistics for the area noted that cases of sexual assault had declined, the number of sexual assaults more than doubled when FBI revisions to the crime statistics were taken into account. The number of murder cases rose from 1 to 3, representing a 200% increase over the same period in 2014. The total number of violent crimes in Ventura County rose from 191 in 2014 to 248 in 2015, accounting for the 30% overall increase.

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Two Thousand Oaks men have each pleaded guilty to a single felony count of street terrorism and two counts second-degree robbery. The plea stems from a pair of bank robberies the trio committed in Thousand Oaks in early- and mid-2013. The two men admitted to robbing the same Citibank branch in Thousand Oaks twice within four months.

Because both male defendants have admitted to prior felonies and have special enhancements related to the robberies, they are expected to receive a prison term of twelve years. A third person, a 21-year old female, served as the getaway driver for both robberies and is currently serving a five-year sentence for one count each of street terrorism and robbery.

What is “street terrorism” and when is this charge applied?  The California Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention (STEP) Act of 1988 introduced the crime of “street terrorism.” The Act was designed to curb crimes committed in support of gang activities in California. The Act is defined under the California Penal Code Section 186.2, and makes it a crime to be a member of a street gang and assist in criminal activities designed to support the gang or its members.

Participation in a street gang can be punished by detention in the county jail for a period of not more than one year, or by prison terms ranging from 16 months to three years, depending upon the circumstances surrounding the crime. Most STEP enhancements can extend prison sentences by as much as 15 years. For certain convictions, STEP enhancements can extend a prison sentence by 25 years to life in prison! Street terrorism sentences are served consecutively with any other sentences applied by a Judge, meaning that they are served in addition to any other sentences.

You do not need to be a member of a street gang to be charged with a STEP offense. If you merely aid a gang member in the commission of a gang-related felony, you can be convicted under the STEP Act. The seriousness of a STEP Act charge and the accompanying prison terms mean that you need the help of a competent criminal defense.

Robert M. Helfend is a criminal defense attorney in Ventura County, and has successfully defended clients facing California criminal charges for 30 years. Mr. Helfend provides aggressive criminal defense in Ventura County. For a consultation on your case involving STEP Act violations, contact the Law Offices of Robert M. Helfend toll-free at (800) 834-6434 or locally at (805) 273-5611, (310) 456-3317, or (818) 591-2809. Robert M. Helfend is an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help you!